Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Days

These are exciting times.
So much has happened in the past few weeks. My Dad came to visit for a few days! It was awesome being with him. Great time to catch up. But I've been very busy! God is moving in a lot of different ways. Let me tell you about just a few of the things I've been doing recently.

Launch of our 'Re:source' service:
We just kicked off our new Sun. night service this past weekend. It was awesome. 85 people showed up! We had comedian Dave Wiggins come and laugh and share the Word with us. As well as an awesome cafe time after. This service was one of the key reasons I came to NZ. I've been working on the creative and worship side of things. It's been really awesome.

Over the past few weeks, I've had a lot of chances to interact within the local community. This past Monday, I spoke at Botany Downs College to the Impact Christian group. Focusing on prayer and how it can affect the community and their schools. It was a really great time, it looks like they will be joining the CYC vision. Yesterday, I was interviewed by the local paper talking about my journey here and to discuss the church and the new Re:source service. Also, last week met up w/ Mike Tryzinsky (director of YoungLife NZ).

This past month has been a great month! In terms of investing in the lives of students and young adults, God has opened so many doors to have conversations, share meals and just talk about Christ with many kids from the youth group and also young adults in our church. It has really stretched me and challenged me to not only see the doors God is opening but to walk through them. I've had some key conversations with people that have been on the fringe of church and have made many invites to our Re:source service.

These are really only a few things that I've been doing lately.

thank you for all your prayers and support