Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 - Relax

I slept 13 hours straight last night.
It was awesome.

Today, we all slept in. Then shortly after I enjoyed my peppermint tea and toast, the band (Lolo) we are performing with @ Hopefest(s) walked into our kitchen. After going through the line of 10 of them, shaking hands with all of them and learning their names only to forget them at the end of line, we all went outside the World Hope HQ and worked out the staging for the coming week. I did meet the bass player. His name was Lanu. He was 16 and his favorite style of music was jazz and he's been playing bass for a lot longer than me. After ordering pizza for the whole team and a lot of laughs, they left and we headed out with Elska (the host at the World Hope HQ here) to the "mall" look for a firewire cable with no luck. After our trip, we drove out to northern Johannesburg to meet with 3 ladies that are volunteering @ the Hopefests this next week. We picked them up and went to "Spur", a South African steakhouse, and between eating a cheeseburger and listening to High School Musical in the restaraunt, it almost felt like Michigan. After our dinner experience, we traveled up to one of the ladies houses (Dawn Drenthe) and hung out and prayed together. She had a dog named Azerbaijan. Crazy. At any rate, on the ride home, Elska's son, Jesse, taught me some Afrikaans. It was awesome. Tomorrow, we have another relaxation day and are going to Lolo's practice space to rehearse and listen to them perform.

Keep praying.


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