Friday, October 30, 2009


I am safely in NZ.
Arrived here on Thurs. morning

I got to relax and rest on Thurs and Dad arrived later that afternoon.
Friday morning, the District Conference for Wesleyan Church of NZ began. I went with Jane (my NZ mom) and my Dad to the first sessions. And basically my weekend thus far has been filled with conference sessions and seminars. It's been good. Last night, I got to go to my first Surge night (youth group). First night I was here was a costume party so I stole Simon's (Jane/Richard's son) school uniform. I was later introduced as the intern after fooling all the student's. Good times. But tonight, we are all headed to the evening session of conference. And tomorrow morning, Dad is speaking at ECW and I believe I am playing a song during communion. I feel really scatterbrained so I apologize if this post made little sense!

keep praying.



  1. JOHN.
    I'm glad you are safely there.
    buuuutttt I still miss youu

  2. Hi John, So glad to hear you made it safe and sound, a lo-o-ong flight, huh? You are going to be one busy guy and a blessed one. I know you'll be loved by everyone. God Bless you in your service to HIM. We'll sure keep praying.
    Love, Colleen Dean